Looking for the best energy drink for long distance driving? You found it, try KABISA!

Now and then everybody lacks energy, you probably feel it too – no matter the profession you work in. But some careers are definitely tougher than others. Many require being focused and energized at all time, like in the job of a long distance driver. If you work as a driver, remember to always have KABISA with you. It is the best power drink! KABISA will help you stay awake every time, its amazing taste and tropical vibe will change your everyday work into another amazing adventure!

KABISA has also many other values, it’s for sure the best drink for energy, but not only. Did you know that KABISA has all the vitamins crucial for your body? B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 – what a vitamin bomb! That is why in Africa energy drink market quickly fell in love with KABISA wholeheartedly! KABISA is the healthiest energy drink among all Kenyan drinks and also the one that probably every young person from Tobago drinks on a daily basis! Lately KABISA joined the list of energy drink companies in Guadeloupe where we gained the title of the best booster energy drink! Furthermore, we became the best energy drink in South Sudan! This all makes KABISA one of the best drink brands ever!

As one of the biggest energy drinks manufacturers we are constantly looking for energy drink distributors. Most manufacturers seeking distributors struggle a lot, but not us! We work with the best distributors on the Bahamian beverages market and the market of drinks in Kenya. Thanks to them we have joined the group of top selling energy drinks in the world and were invited to Sial China 2019.