What is the most effective energy drink to keep you energized during concerts? Of course KABISA!

There’s nothing better to do on a Saturday evening than attending a great music concert, right? Of course, as long as it’s a concert with KABISA on board! Last Saturday KABISA – one of the best beverages in Ivory Coast – sponsored an amazing concert in Daloa and it was such a fun event! KABISA definitely helped people stay energized during the party and gave them strength to sing at the top of their lungs! As one of the top energy drink brands in Ivory Coast we love to attend such events and make people love KABISA immediately!

The concert began with a sampling of our amazing party energy drink – participants had a chance to taste KABISA and told us what they think about it:

“Wow, it tastes really good! I think it’s one of few good tasting energy drinks on the market at the moment. Others leave this horrible aftertaste, but this one is truly unique!”

“KABISA? I love KABISA! I’ve been your true fan since the beginning of your cooperation with Kerozen! It’s such a party booster drink! It goes well with almost everything! It’s seriously one of the top drinks brands in Ivory Coast now!”

We love this feedback guys! It’s so nice to hear these nice words. Especially now when we want to start energy drink manufacturing in Africa! Because we have more and more drink suppliers in African countries, we feel like it’s the right step to make. We want to be the best all over the world and show the best quality everywhere we are. We are now going to focus on Asia in order to introduce KABISA to a completely new environment. In Asia manufacturer of energy drinks is often a person who just produces beverages and doesn’t care what happens next. We want to introduce completely new quality – from manufacturing through distributorship to the local shops shelves. The same story is with Latin America and the Caribbean. For example in Jamaica energy drink is a beverage you use to get energy and nothing else. And the list of best drinks in South America contains of boring drinks with no special vibe. With KABISA we want to show that an energy drink can be a social and casual beverage, perfect for parties and meetings with friends! So finally to sum it up – we are already on the list of top energy drinks Africa loves, one of the best Africas sodas and a beverage all Mauritius drinks. But we want to conquer the rest of the world! So keep your fingers crossed and visit our stand on SIAL exhibition in China to know more!