KABISA – the best energy drink for driving!

How are you all doing? Do you have any special plans for the weekend? We will celebrate a very important occasion – happy Independence Day Malawi! We wish you all the best! Don’t forget to celebrate with a few cans of chilled KABISA! There are more reasons to be excited for. The holidays are coming and with them… a lot of new experiences! This is a wonderful time when you chill with your friends or family in some magic places. You can finally release your mind for at least a few days and make up for the time you spend at work or school. You can visit places that normally you don’t have an opportunity to go to and gather memories for the rest of your life. 

But holiday time usually involves a lot of travelling! As we all know, during a trip (especially by car) sometimes we suffer from the lack of energy. Any time you experience that – we would suggest you to try our irreplaceable KABISA – the best endurance drink! We can promise that you won’t regret it and this delicious drink will restore your natural energy. This is the best energy drink for stamina, you won’t lose your energy during long walks or sightseeing. This way you can explore more than you would think!

And why exactly KABISA? Well, because we believe we created the best energy drink brand. It’s all due to the fact that we pay a lot of attention to the quality and our product is made by the most qualified drinks manufacturers. Moreover, the first place on the best selling energy drinks list is taken by KABISA – we really appreciate it and we won’t stop developing! 

Apart from all natural ingredients that our company offers we also put an effort to create a unique design. A can full of colours and interesting pattern with one of the most creative energy drink names really attracts people’s attention. Maybe you didn’t know but KABISA is not just a word – it means “perfectly” and “awesome”. We think we couldn’t describe this energy drink better!

As it was written before our brand is constantly developing, we are heading to be on the top of the energy drinks brands list. We are already among the favourite beverages in Africa – almost every person from Madagascar drinks KABISA every week and during last days KABISA found out to be the best Botswanan drinkFurthermore, we suppose that in a few days we will find our product on the top of the list of soft drink companies in Kenya.We don’t have to add that pretty much everyone in the capital of Ethiopia drinks KABISA during any celebrations and parties. Now it’s time to become one of the drinks South Africa really loves! 

What’s more, if you ask what every person from Trinidad and Tobago drinks – KABISA will definitely be one of the most common answers! They say that trying this drink means a colourful experience, gaining a huge dose of real energy and an ultimate refreshment. Those features distinguish our brand and put our company on the top of energy drinks distributors Cameroon also loved.

One of the most important events for our brand was Sial China 2019 – one of the biggest exhibitions from the food and beverage sector. We met many wonderful people and gathered an irreplaceable community. As you know, we are a company that really loves getting to know some new amazing people. Everyone has something different in mind and that broadens our horizons. Thanks to those meetings our brand is becoming more and more creative all the time.
We wish you wonderful holidays and, once again, happy Independence Day for all our amazing fans from Malawi!