How to work more effectively – organizing yourself and do those recommended energy drinks actually help?

Most people come across this matter at some point in their lives – how to be more efficient, how to complete more tasks and do it better. There are several steps you could take to improve your work performance. You’ll find a few below – take a look!


Many of us struggle to stay alert during a long day at work. Sometimes it might be necessary to find a quick energy booster – and that’s where the problem starts. What’s the best choice? Is it coffee or tea? Or maybe water or energy drinks? Perhaps it happened to you before – you were walking across the shelves with the most popular energetics wondering which one you should buy. To avoid disappointment you have to remember that it’s not true that all the beverages of this kind are the same. It’s quite easy to find cheap products from this sector but they tend to be of rather poor quality. Also, it should be rather simple to find out which energy drink stimulates the most – as long as you go through the composition of energy drinks carefully. Try not to stick only to the most popular energetics, give the less known brands a chance. Apart from that, regular physical activity is definitely an optimal way to keep your body (and your mind) awake – it’s a long term solution that requires more effort, but it’s definitely beneficial.


It’s not a coincidence that people function less effectively in a messy environment – having your surroundings crammed with objects can be overwhelming. Keep the chaos away from your workspace and try not to store a lot of things there. Remember to let some light to the room and make sure you have comfortable furniture. Instead of thinking only about which energy drink stimulates the most get rid off unnecessary papers – don’t pile them on your desk. It may seem obvious, but taking care of matters such as a cosy area that’s bright, spacious and uncluttered will make it easier to collect thoughts and focus on given assignments. Let’s face it – you’ll probably spend a big part of your time there, so it should be pleasant and inspiring!


When you feel too much pressure, you’re overloaded with duties and the next projects are already queueing – take a step back. Try to look at the bigger picture – start with evaluating the importance of each task and sort them. Prioritize! Begin with solving problems that are significant and urgent, put the rest on hold for a while – you will get back to them later with a fresh mind. This will give some structure to your day and turn the abundance of responsibilities into a more approachable ‘to do’ list. But we also know that everyone is a human being and sometimes we do everything at the last minute and we need something to keep us focused and motivated. In that case, I bet that some of us buy energy drinks. You have to remember that energy drinks are not the same so we suggest you to always buy only these highly recommended energy drinks, not the cheapest ones.


Work is important, sure, but remember to take a break from time to time. It’s easy to immerse yourself in a challenging task and forget about everything else. Having time off is essential not only for your own personal well-being but also for achieving a sensible work/life balance. You won’t perform well when you’re tired, stressed and your head is wrapped around your job. Give yourself some space and let your mind rest. Think about what you enjoy doing – what helps you relax and unwind, what brings you peace and joy. Do something for yourself – you’ll come back to work with a clear mind, ready to face new challenges. That’s an efficiency booster! Energy drinks are sometimes good too but you really need to be careful while picking them. Pay attention to the composition of energy drinks! It’s better to thoroughly read the ingredients and choose an option that’s healthier than the majority of the popular energy drinks, for example – KABISA Energy Drink. It has no artificial sugars added and it’s packed with vitamins – you might consider that as an alternative to drinking coffee or green tea.