What are the best energy drinks when you’re travelling? Try KABISA!

It’s finally the holiday season! What are your vacation plans? What are you looking forward to the most? It’s the perfect time to move and travel a little bit further than usual – you have plenty of time, the weather is wonderful, you’re relaxed and in a great mood. Is there anything more to ask? Well, maybe just a can of KABISA to keep you awake during a challenging journey and a long roadtrip. And if you take KABISA x2 natural energy drink ‘s incredible power will let you enjoy your trip to the fullest! We could definitely use some time off, it’s been a really busy period. The energy drink market is quite demanding, all the novelties need to meet the expectations of customers and high production standards. But it’s not only about the quality of the product. What’s also really important to every company is to send a consistent message. And with Kabisa meaning ‘awesome’ – it’s a perfect example of how a brand’s name reflects the nature of the beverage! We’re sure that every fan of KABISA from Zimbabwe drinks KABISA during every celebration – it’s the ultimate party drink! It’s also one of the favourite energy drinks in Kenya and it’s soon going to be among the top energy drink brands in South Africa. If you’re looking for the best energy drink wholesale points in Ivory Coast – we have so much to offer! We are also among the energy drink distributors Zambia is famous for – we always put our customers and their satisfaction first. When it comes to the energy drink production Equatorial Guinea reports a huge growth. It’s similar to a pattern of the energy drink production Dominican Republic shows in their statistics, this sector is thriving! That’s some great news. And what’s even better – KABISA is now among the top 10 favourite beverages! This environment is quite competitive, another year – another valuable product on the market. So what is the best energy drink 2018 brought us? It’s safe to say that KABISA was (and still is) one of the most important discoveries of the beverage sector. We’re really grateful to all of you for appreciating it so much! For our energy drink new markets are an amazing challenge – we’re constantly developing and doing our best to provide you with the best energy booster! It’s the first energy drink with such an impressive composition. While for production of KABISA we use only high-quality ingredients, the rest of the companies usually don’t pay much attention to the composition of the product. In contrast, other energy drinks are often packed with artificial sweeteners and unhealthy additives. For example, it’s quite difficult to find an energy drink South Africa has to offer that has a good quality to price ratio. That’s why KABISA is really needed on that market. If you haven’t tried it yet – give it a chance! And speaking of trips and travelling – we loved seeing you all at Sial Paris last year. Come visit us during future events, we’d love to have a chat and a sip KABISA together!