What does vitalizes body and mind mean? And what can help you with that? KABISA!

Happy Independence Day to all the Ivorians! Occasions like this remind us about what’s important and integrate the whole society for at least this one day. We hope you had a chance to spend some time with your friends and family, to celebrate together and to forget about your daily responsibilities for a moment. But we all know that sometimes it is hard to get back to work after holidays – even if it is only 24 hours – so we came up with a great idea for you. For one day you can buy x2 energy drinks and pay only for one! It will provide you with a double workboost and you will be more efficient during those long hours at work. That’s a really great deal, isn’t it? Follow our social media fanpages, check out our shops and don’t miss the promotion!

Our energy drink – KABISA – is considered to be the best energy drink in the world! And why is that? Among other things, KABISA is packed with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, our energy drinks companies pay attention to every detail while producing the beverage. As a result, our product will vitalize you body and mind so you can be full of natural energy and positive vibes all day long! We always put our customers on the first place, every comment and opinion is taken seriously. Thanks to that we can develop our company more and more every day! That is probably why KABISA energy drink became the most popular option among all the African beverages. It’s also what everyone from Dominican Republic drinks  during all the celebrations! We put a huge effort into providing a product of the highest quality and hence, we quickly became the best South Sudanese drink!

If you take a look at the ingredients of the popular positions from the energy drink names list we are sure that in most of them you will find many toxic substances such as aspartame or sodium benzoate. These additives can be really harmful to our bodies so if you wonder about which beverage to choose – you should always get the one with only natural sugar added. We guarantee that KABISA has only natural ingredients and you don’t need to be worried about your health. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s a beverage which almost every person from the capital city of Kenya drinks. What is more, KABISA recently became one of the most liked Zimbabwean drinks!

When we were entering the beverage market and we were a fresh new energy drink in Europe we didn’t know how varied and exciting the energy drink business is. We met so many amazing people at the beginning of our journey, the work quickly turned out to be our passion. We still remember the day when KABISA appeared on the shelves for the first time – we felt proud of everyone who took part in this! And now we are honoured to be one of the most beloved ghanaian drinks.

Maybe you don’t know it but we were present at one of the biggest and most important food events – Sial Paris 2018. We finally had a chance to meet so many of our customers at once! It was a wonderful experience and we had an amazing time! Thank you for your kind words and engagement, we hope we will see each other in the near future!