Should Energy drink be banned in Africa? Definitely not, we proved it with KABISA during adaptation days on Warsaw School of Economics.

Last week KABISA team visited the best economics school in Poland – SGH. We wanted to increase student’s awareness about African market and the most powerful energy drink which is KABISA. Many of them were surprised that a polish brand has such a strong impact on the African market. But try typing the best energy drink Africa in Google and you will see a can of KABISA right on top! Similarly, if you type Zimbabwe energy drink or  Zambia energy drink  you will get KABISA energy drink among the first results. Students were so fascinated that they started asking about the job possibilities in our company. They considered working in KABISA as more challenging than working for different brands of energy drinks . To understand why it is beneficial to sell energy drinks in this exotic continent we must take a look at the energy drink consumption in Mauritius and energy drink consumption in Ivory Coast – both are constantly growing. Many people started considering an energy drink not only as an energy booster but also as a beverage which they can consume during relaxing and casual meetings with friends. If you enter any bar or pub – everyone is serving drinks with energy drinks. Their popularity is quickly growing and the energy drinks list    is becoming longer and longer. In most of the cases the energy drink Africa price is not very high, so the competition is quite big. Therefore, there are more and more energy drink manufacturers in South Africa , Kenya and Ghana. How does the situation look like in Europe? The amount of energy drinks sold in the last couple of years has been stable, you can’t tell if there are any big ups and downs. Many companies have focused on the high standards of energy drinks, Mutalo Group is one of them. Many specialists are trying to keep the amount of sugar lower in drinks – in order to acquire a new group of clients who want to reduce the consumption of sweetening substances. Perfecting a recipe for the ultimate power beverage might be a key aspect of becoming the best boost drink manufacturer . When it comes to energy drinks Europe has a really developed market, entering this sector means meeting the highest quality standards – and here comes KABISA! It has an amazing composition, it’s packed with essential vitamins and it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. So don’t hesitate and give a chance to the best quality to price ratio on the market!

As we mentioned – last week you could meet us on the Warsaw School of Economics adaptation days. It was fun and it was inspiring, thanks for coming! And next week you can meet our team on Anuga 2019, one of the biggest and most important events from the food and beverage sector! We hope you will visit us at our stall and say hello so we can chat a little and share a can of KABISA!