Are you looking for a refreshing and healthy beverage? Try KABISA – the best energy drink with vitamins.

In four days we will celebrate Mother’s Day in Malawi. Do you have any special plans already? We hope you’ll have an amazing time and that you’ll find a perfect way to celebrate it. Don’t forget to keep a few cans of KABISA somewhere close – it’s an ultimate beverage for such occasion! For those who don’t know much about this energy drink – KABISA is the favourite official Africa energy drink 2019. It is well known for being the best tasting energy drink in Africa. It is because of its vibrant energy drink ingredients. First of all, KABISA is vegan and free of gluten, fat, lactose and dairy. It contains only natural sugar, water from the polish mountains and plenty of vitamins: B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. It is worth mentioning that KABISA is believed to be the best energy drink for focus and because of it, is also said to be the most effective energy drink . If you should study or have a challenging task ahead of you – don’t hesitate, the choice is simple. You can enjoy drinking it before work or during classes at the University – anytime you’re in need of an energy boost! Trust us, it really gives you some healthy power! It might seem that, comparing to other beverages of this kind, KABISA is an extreme energy drink – that’s how efficient it is.

You may wonder where you can find KABISA and try it. We wholesale energy drinks practically all over the world and we’re consequently expanding our ranges. One of the most popular distributing destination is definitely Africa. Check us out – if you type energy drink with vitamins South Africa  in the browser, you will see KABISA in top results.

Our team has visited many events from the food and beverage sector in order to show KABISA energy drink to potential customers. One of those was the Sial Expo – an extremely important exhibition from that field. As one of the biggest european energy drink manufacturers we’re sure that phrases such as “Energy Drinks Europe” or “Energy drink Poland” are associated with KABISA most of the time. Our beverage is produced locally from the best ingredients of European origin but its spirit is deeply rooted in the African culture. The unique tropical taste is a perfect addition to any cocktail. The best example is Dominican Republic where the best tasting Dominican Republic drinks are those with KABISA – it’s the ultimate refreshment, it reminds everyone of summer! Energy drinks became not only a good power booster but also a beverage which you can drink with your friends and just chill out. Thanks to this opinion energy drink consumption in Malawi has been growing in the last few years and when it comes to Zambia energy drink sector situation is quite similar. Although for KABISA energy drink Kenya is one of the most thriving market, thank you for appreciating our product so much! Cheers!

We hope you will have a great Mother’s Day celebration in Malawi and KABISA will give you power to show love to your loved ones.