How to find energy and motivation for achieving your goals? We trusted KABISA!

The Gulfood fairs in Dubai ended yesterday. It was one of the biggest and most important events this year for everyone from the food and beverage sector. You could meet two members of the KABISA Energy Drink team there – we couldn’t miss it! We had some amazing quality time and we’re sure we saw many of you – our product was a sensation at the fairs. Are you wondering what makes KABISA so special? When it comes to providing the best energy companies have many different ideas on how to deal with it. Mutalo Group, the producer of KABISA, sticks to the natural methods which guarantees the best energy source on the market. Importers are becoming more and more conscious and start paying attention to the composition of the products. Redbull distributors are getting less popular due to the many chemical additives in the beverage. It’s high time for energy drink distributors to seek other, healthier options. That’s where KABISA comes – high quality ingredients of European origin, no artificial sweeteners, colorants or preservatives added, only natural sugar used. That’s what meets current needs of the consuments. When you take a look at the list of top energy drinks in Nigeria, you won’t find many health-friendly products. KABISA is on its way to become the best Haitian energy drink and an energy drink Zambia really loves. It’s already one of the top beverages in countries like Kenya, Ghana or Ivory Coast. This is the type of energy drink manufacturers South Africa really needs at the moment (and the rest of the continent as well, to be honest). No one is looking for another identical beverage with a boring taste, dull design and poor quality. What KABISA offers is unique – best quality to price ratio, amazing tropical taste, eye-catching design, healthy composition with vitamins, solid packaging – all of us deserve for the standards to get higher and higher. That’s one of the reasons we make sure to attend as many events like Gulfood as possible. It allows people to meet, mingle, connect and learn from each other. This way we can revolutionise the energy drink market and start offering the highest-quality products, just like KABISA. Stay tuned, we hope to see you at the next event! Cheers!