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Mutalo Group – the top energy drink manufacturer

Mutalo Group is a beverage manufacturer based in Poland. The company’s flagship product is KABISA, an innovative energy drink. KABISA was designed especially for the energy drink sector and is a perfect answer to its current needs. Company’s goal is to achieve the position of one of the top energy drink suppliers and succeed also on other markets – such as Asian and European. When it comes to opening an energy drink factory Europe has high requirements to fulfill, therefore, Mutalo Group pays a lot of attention to to our product’s quality. We aim to expand its target market and join the group of energy drink manufacturers Europe is famous for. The company is growing rapidly and is planning to seek for more energy drink distributors in Africa, Asia and Middle East in order to introduce KABISA to new groups of customers. Mutalo Groups puts strong effort in the customer service which definitely contributes to the growth of our business.

KABISA Energy Drink
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KABISA – the ultimate refreshment and energy booster

Mutalo Group’s vision is based on three core values: ambition, family and outgoing lifestyle. Our tagline, “Enjoy life together”, emphasizes the role of being active and sociable and is a reflection of our concept. KABISA combines the best ingredients and a unique tropical taste. The company’s mission is to provide a source of natural energy – the beverage has no artificial sugar and plenty of vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The product is packed in durable, resistant aluminium cans to ensure maximum protection. Its colorful and eye-catching design makes KABISA easy to spot on the shelves among other assortment.

Putting the customers’ satisfaction first

The promotion of KABISA includes holding various events, such as concerts, tastings and activations. We gather a lot of consumers due to the positive and cheerful atmosphere coherent with the company’s concept. Due to its tropical refreshing taste, KABISA is a perfect addition to those occasions. It’s one of world’s favourite drinks to share with a group of friends and during family events – anytime there is a celebration. It is a perfect companion to any adventure – grab a can for a tiring hike and when you throw a relaxing picnic on the beach. It will keep you awake during a road trip, so make sure you take a sip before driving. KABISA helps you stay focused while studying or working intensively and provides an extra energy boost when you want to dance the night away at the party. Whether it is to sit back and unwind or to have with a meal – KABISA is becoming one of the most popular drink choices. Let’s make sure we enjoy life – together, with KABISA!