Mutalo Group - the best energy drink company

Our company

Mutalo Group is an energy drink manufacturer and one of the best energy drink companies in Europe. Our flagship product KABISA quickly became top selling African energy drink. Our energy drink from Poland is disrupting foreign markets all over the world – we have achieved huge success and we are considered the best energy drink in Ivory Coast and, likewise, the most popular energy drink Kenya really loves. Finally, in contrast to other energy drink brands, KABISA is the only energy drink brand that always puts customer satisfaction and quality of the product in the first place.

Our story

We are the most powerful energy drink brand thanks to our passion and experience as well as our drive to stay the best energy drinks company. Mutalo Group belongs to one of the biggest capital groups in Europe, hence our executive team holds a great acumen of experience in FMCG sector. KABISA energy drink is one of the most recommended energy drinks brands on the market due to its high quality ingredients. While our main goal is to create the best energy drink for you and your beloved ones, we also strive to be the best when it comes to customer service. Many countries value our product because of its extraordinary taste and vibe. There’s a reason why KABISA is not only one of the top energy drink brands in South Africa, but also in Asia and all around the world. Which one among new energy drinks on the market is the most inspiring and delicious? – KABISA!

Great success on dozens of markets


cans sold

25 local offices worldwide

1,000+ employees

One of the biggest energy drink companies

Top selling energy drinks brand in Africa

One of the best energy drink companies in Europe:
On the list of energy drink brands KABISA is the first fastest growing company in the world. We have grown over 200% in the last 2 years. KABISA is quickly expanding across the globe and becoming the best energy drink brand!


Our executive team represents a strong acumen in beverage sector

Oskar Fischer,


Tomasz Nowowieyski,

Co-founder & CEO

Kaja Suchora,

Director of Operations

Lukasz Wlodarczyk,

Director of Finance

Angela Konieczko,

Marketing Manager

Alicja Dyląg,

Project Manager