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Meet KABISA – the best energy drink in Benin.

KABISA Energy Drink is the first truly African energy drink, produced by Mutalo Group, a top energy drink brand from Ivory Coast the company, that knows how to manufacture energy drink. It holds a unique feature that makes it stand out from all the other soft drinks in Benin. Our energy drinks company is the first and only which reflects the vibe of the African lifestyle that puts KABISA on the list of top energy drinks Benin loved. No wonder why KABISA is a leading beverage on the list of energy drinks in Dominica.


Among all energy drink brands Liberia introduced, KABISA quickly became best energy drink for focus and concentration as well as in other countries. Among all energy drink brands KABISA is the most recognizable and unique. What can you expect from one of the greatest Beninese beverages, KABISA? Refreshment, smooth and lightly carbonated taste, exceptional, colorful experience!

If you are among energy drink distributors Benin respects – make your dream come true and become a leader among Benin drinks importers.

Natural sugar

Innovative design & high quality packaging

All ingredients Halal complaint

Unbeatable price/quality ratio

Unique taste & tropical vibe

High quality european ingredients

Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12

Produced according to standards of IFS Food & HACCP

KABISA – New energy drink in Benin and its road to become the best Beninese drink…

If you wish to engage in energy drink production Benin would accept, you should cooperate with someone with extensive experience. Customers are extremely demanding and we do our best to satisfy their needs. That is why we care about quality and design like no one else. Our top drink KABISA was accepted by Zambian drink lovers and energy drink Dominican Republic fans.


We are on the top of the list of energy drink companies in Benin because we put efforts to produce KABISA and use only the best quality ingredients. KABISA stands out from other best beverages in Benin because of its tropical taste and cheerful vibe.


Mutalo Group is an energy drinks manufacturer Suriname and other countries adore and respect for years.

One of the best Beninese energy drinks manufacturers – Mutalo Group.

Mutalo Group, a top energy drink producer from Poland, created the best beverage among all Beninese energy drinks brands. KABISA owes its success to maintaining the highest quality standards and personal approach to every client. We aim to produce one of the best drinks in Benin and stay the top selling energy drinks in Benin.

Shortly after introducing KABISA to market it rapidly jumped on the list of best energy drinks Benin cherishes and was announced as one of the leading energy drinks in Benin. We are manufacturers seeking distributors in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and importers of energy drinks in Haiti. We are also working to become the top energy drink Bahamas loves. Benin energy drink lovers are thankful that KABISA appeared on the market and they are calling KABISA the top energy drink Benin could ever imagine. Our goal is to spread our key message – enjoy life together – all around the world.