You will be amazed seeing this!

I found this amazing website that allows you to compare the sizes of different land areas.

I knew Africa was big, but I didn’t realize it was that immense.

This great tool: The True Size allows you to compare directly the sizes of different land masses that in our perception are distorted due to imperfections of the Mercator Projection.

“Africa is just immense” says Kai Krause, the author of an amazing simulation of how many countries can actually fit into Africa. ”Much, much larger than you or I thought. Just look at it, realize that, and smile – because you will never forget it again.”

Africa is one of the largest continents in the world. Due to the Mercator map projection, Africa does not  look so extensive; however, it is second continent on the planet. How would Africa look if compare it with China or even USA? The area of USA is 9.857 million km2, the area of China is 9.597 million km2 and so on, while the area of Africa is 30.22 km2. Africa can swallow UK, India, Japan and a huge part of the Western Europe. So why Africa is so underestimated? We are taught so little about Africa and its culture;moreover, we do not realize the real size of this continent. Maybe a world’s map structure should be changed. Maybe we should look at Africa from a different angle. So it might be the high time to stop saying “China, India, Africa and other countries”.

Source: qz.com