Uber Plans to Conquer Logistic Sector in Africa

Uber will be broadening its business of transportation in the sub-Saharan Africa by providing more types of services. The extended offer, dubbed Uber Everything, will provide on-demand food or products delivery. Uber is going to use its driver database for embedding new amenities for its customers. Alon Lits, the general manager at Uber for Sub-Saharan Africa says, “The first market will probably be South Africa and we are pushing to make that happen before the end of the year.”

   Uber Everything’s approach is based on its logistics structures in cities where Uber is already functioning. Therefore, as soon as logistics are created, Uber is able to establish new services based on it. For instance, services like UberRush (personal delivery) and UberEats (food delivery) are already working in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

     Another key point is financing. Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has already made a biggest single investment of $3.5 billion that allowed Uber to widen its services to Accra and Kampala. In addition, Alon Lits assures that the release in Dar es Salaam is upcoming soon.

         Nowadays, the middle-class of Africa is starting to use on-demand services, but due to the poor road networks in the African countries, logistics are a huge difficulty for e-commerce companies. As a result, Uber Everything could make a huge progress in the delivering area that will translate into direct benefits for the Africans themselves.

Source: http://qz.com/703087

Picture Source: www.travellerspoint.com