Top 5 African Bodybuilders. Just look at #3!!!

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Bodybuilding nowadays has become just a real boom. Bodybuilders spend years and years of their lives focused on perfecting the human body through proper training and nutrition. You might be surprised, but there are lots of African bodybuilders among the well-known athletes. To keep their bodybuilding career on top, they devote their lives to the continuous physical exercises and rigorous diet. So, these are Top 5 African bodybuilders who once changed their lives completely to become ones of the greatest bodybuilders in the world.


1.Adesoye Femi.

One of the most famous African bodybuilders. He is also known out of the continent. He has participated in many competitions several of which he has actually won (for example, Real Man Nigeria 2011). He is an example for many Nigerians, because he is their compatriot.


2.Eslam ElMasry

Eslam ElMasry is a worldwide known Egyptian sportsman. His appearance is very impressive. Although he currently resides in New York, all the African people are very proud of him. He has already participated in a great number of competitions around the world.


3. William Bonac.

This famous bodybuilder is originally from Ghana. He is relatively new in IFBB;

however, he has quickly gained fame thanks to his impressive physique. Now after several competitions where he has displayed himself he’s got the large amount of followers all over the world.


4. Niamke Joseph.

He was born in Cote d’Ivoire. He is completely new to big bodybuilding sport. However, he has already managed to display himself as Vice-Champion Novice de Cote d’Ivoire in 2014.


5. Vicky Bance.

He is a famous bodybuilder from South Africa. Vicky is successfully developing his body; however, he has just started his career, and he is not as famous as others.

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