Check out Kabisa Orangite – a fresh, proud member of the Kabisa family

It’s a hot and humid day… What is it that you crave? We’re guessing something

refreshing, and don’t worry, we got you covered. Discover Kabisa Orangite and experience an immediate rush of pure freshness.

Kabisa Orangite was created with Africa and its people in mind. Food and beverage industries have been evolving and expectations towards healthier solutions have surfaced. Increasing consumer awareness and greater interest in high quality products is what inspired us to find an answer to our consumers’ needs and concerns. This is what we care about and what we’ve focused on when we created this product. Our delectable, high-quality beverage is an immediate and perfect solution to your craving for natural freshness. Make it an essential part of your day.

Now imagine the tropical taste of freshly squeezed oranges combined with some bubbles. Kabisa Orangite is invigorating and will keep you positive for the entire day and beyond. Perfect when you need a natural boost of energy.

Find it in your store now (sold in 250 ml and 500 ml cans as well as in 500 ml PET bottles).

Go ahead, fill your life with some orange energy! 🙂

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