Time to present another fresh member of the KABISA family: KABISA Lemonite

Another one of those unbearably hot and humid days… And another story. We are all craving something that can relieve and refresh us at the same time, and there’s nothing better that we can think of other than KABISA Lemonite. In one drink, you can taste the energizing twist: a combination of limes and lemons that will quench your thirst and leave you refreshed, yet you’ll be left craving for more. Discover KABISA Lemonite and see what it’s like to feel naturally alive.

KABISA Lemonite, just like all other products that we offer, was created with Africa and its people in mind. Freshly squeezed limes and lemons not only refresh but also have countless health benefits. “Bitter” is their second name, but we have carbonated it ever so slightly, making sure that it keeps those same benefits while we improve the taste so it’s even more delicious. Our drink has perfectly combined what we care about, the health benefits that those fruit offer and what our customers want, and this is how KABISA Lemonite has emerged. This delectable, high-quality beverage is an immediate remedy when you crave natural freshness.

Lime & lemon- it goes hand in hand. Just imagine this perfect combination. Is there anything better for a day like today? Trust us & take a sip to discover a whole new world… You’re welcome 🙂

Find it in your store now (sold in 250 ml and 500 ml cans as well as in 500 ml PET bottles). Go ahead, fill your life with some lime & lemon energy!

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