Polish investors eye energy drink market in Rwanda

Kigali: Mutalo Group, a joint venture by two Polish investors is looking to invest this year in Rwanda’s drinks market with one of the most astonishing energy drinks that popped-up on the African market over recently as “Kabisa Energy Drink”.

A statement issued by the polish energy-drink maker noted that the African beverage markets have a tendency to be bi-polarized – with very cheap, low quality drinks and, on the other hand, high quality ones, which are often heavily overpriced.

Moreover, international giants offer their branded products in Africa, but they use the same packaging, pricing and marketing strategies that they use all over the world, thus pushing customers who are looking for something of good quality for not spending twice as much because expensive, premium products are not the only ones left.

All things considered, with the current expansion of the African market and the new Energy Drink is described by investors to be the perfect example showing that there is a place and a growing demand for good quality products.

Polish investment on the Rwandan market comes at the time a number of supermarkets in the East African country took some new energy drink brands which are mostly imported from neighboring Uganda off their shelves out of concern that they may contain banned additives.

“But we believe that Poland can bring products of great quality to the world. We believe that Africa can no longer be treated as a second-tier market,” the statement quoted one of the co-founders of Mutalo Group, Tomasz Nowowiejski as saying.