It’s time to RAZZLE it up on a Thursday!

Last week on Friday it was all about London Style. It still is, but this week we wanted to start the weekend early and with something new… We kindly present to you the perfect combination that we called RAZZLE.

We like to have a choice, and ours this week is a chill rum + coke. Made only with high quality ingredients, this late night refreshment is something that we just cannot wait to drink. Even though it’s not weekend yet, we have to say that work and coke go well together. What do you think? Rum? Even better.

RAZZLE is that perfect drink that you’ve been waiting for but couldn’t define.

That’s why you should relax and just give in on a Thursday night to a little something that will give you (and your friends) that extra kick to get you ready for the weekend. And who knows, maybe you’ll give in on friday, too.

So, what’s your beverage choice this Thursday night? We hope it’s the same as ours.

Feel fresh– choose RAZZLE!