Juice it up folks! Stay healthy, classy & fresh with JUISI Orange Juice!

Dear Friends,

It’s Friday and we’re shooting for a healthy option to start off the weekend on a good note.

There are so many options out there, but JUISI is definitely one of our favorites; it’s good for everyone at all ages, so you can share it with both your friends and your close family, any time.

Imagine a hot day at the beach or a brisk walk in the park, when all you need is just that little extra something to make it better. Opt for JUISI: the orange choice when you need an immediate, natural and healthy refreshment.

JUISI is freshly squeezed from natural fruits, available in 250 ml and 500 ml cans. Also available in 500 ml PET bottles because we care about giving back to the environment.

Take care of yourself after a long week– we recommend treating yourself to a JUISI. With every sip you’ll feel more and more energy come back.

Feel alive and get hyped– today (and every day) is a JUISI kind of day!

And what is your favorite naturally squeezed juice?