Check out the top 5 music festivals in Africa. Which one would you choose?

The continent of Africa is growing rapidly. Locals, and now tourists, have come to see it as the go-to place for cultural events and musical entertainment. The music scene is rich and everyone can find a festival that they will enjoy.

If you love to feel alive and energized, and if you like to dance the night away and enjoy some good vibes with your friends, this list is definitely for you: Top 5 Music Festivals in Africa!

Festac– Lagos, NIGERIA

Festac, also knows as the Lagos Music Festival, is number one on this list for a few good reasons. It’s one of Nigeria’s biggest music festivals that combines music, visual arts, and food, and it takes place in prestigious places such as the Golden Tulip Hotel. The aim of Festac is to develop Nigerian musicians; they can show off their talent to the national and international music scene.

Price range: $5 to $2,000

Date: varies

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Accra Electronic Music Festival– Accra, GHANA

The biggest electronic music festival in Ghana featuring African and international DJs! This recent addition to the music festivals in Africa is a 4-day celebration where, in addition to all the fun, new artists can attend workshops to learn more about electronic music and the industry. The aim is to bring various artists together and create an environment where everyone can enjoy their time.


Festival Mawazine– Rabat, MOROCCO

Festival Mawazine is the biggest annual music festival in Morocco that brings national and international artists together. It was launched in 2001 as “part of Morocco’s tourism campaign of bringing together audiences of diverse backgrounds through music.” Festival Mawazine brought more than 2 million people in 2016 to 4 main stages:the international stage, oriental stage, African stage and the Moroccan stage, as well as 3 smaller stages: the World Music stage, Discovery stage, and Tarab stage.

Price: free to most stages, w/ paid access: $10-125.

Date: varies


Vic Falls Carnival– Victoria Falls, ZIMBABWE

Vic Falls Carnival is a 3-day festival and is “the largest cultural infusion of Southern African talent”. It features artists from various countries, including Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, and Namibia. In addition to music, attendees can enjoy other activities, such as sunset river cruises, bungee jumping, and whitewater rafting.

Price: $45 to $100; (travel packages can cost up to $2,400)

Date: 29-31 December


Kenya Music Festival– Nairobi, KENYA

This festival, organized by the Ministry of Education, is a big, competitive annual event for schools, colleges, and universities. The aim is to expose young people to country’s culture and music scene since music has been made non-compulsory at school a few years ago. Participants compete in various areas.

Price: unknown

Date: August


Festivals are great, but they’re tiring. We want to make sure that you feel awake and energized and ready to move throughout the whole night- take KABISA with you and enjoy every sip while listening to your favorite music.

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