Mutalo Group’s Guide: How to inspire and make talented employees stay

“I’ll always remember coming to work back in times when the Mutalo Group was a newborn on the market. Our CEO once asked us to gather in his office and listen, while he came up with a speech in which he managed to instill his passion in our team. He would explain to us why he sacrificed his career to establish Mutalo Group and what it is exactly that he wants to achieve. Such lectures usually work only for some time, but this was the day when we stopped working for money and started building something that we believe in. If I were to tell you about my best day at work, it wouldn’t be the day I got promoted, but the day we saw the very first can of KABISA Energy Drink and we knew it was us who created it.”

Norbert Suchoński, Brand Manager at Mutalo Group

What some of our other employees have said about working at Mutalo Group:

  • “The environment is competitive, but it’s always a healthy type of competition. Weekly targets are set but there’s mutual encouragement to reach them.”

  • “We learn something new every day because we discuss things; we may sometimes disagree but we make suggestions how we can best solve the problem. Creativity at its best.”

  • “Our workplace is collaborative in nature; we work together and there’s constant support and communication.”

  • “Discussions are inevitable but it’s because everyone knows they can share their honest views or suggest any changes they see fit.”

Companies that retain their best employees are able to do so by “helping people perform at their best by developing trustworthy leaders, inclusive practices and collaborative office environments that can amplify teamwork and creative thinking.”

Mutalo Group’s culture is defined as a family of employees who take pride in their craft, are passionate about work. When people love what they’re doing, great things happen.