Motivation Friday with KABISA Energy Drink! #KABISA #Mutalo #MotivationFriday

Working hard or hardly working? Motivation is where it starts and it’s what keeps you going.

We believe that besides passion, motivation is key when it comes to self-growth and success, so we thought we could share some of our ideas.

Here are some of Mutalo Group’ employees’ thoughts on how to keep your daily motivation going throughout the day and beyond:

  • “Get up and think of something good that happened to you the day before. Try to repeat it, even if it’s something that seems insignificant at the moment.”

  • “Motivate others. Trust me, it can add onto your current motivation level because being able to motivate others will naturally affect you, in a very positive way.”

  • “Imagine the person you want to be. That’s motivating enough.”

  • “Sit back and think. Try to solve a few things that bother you in your head and then forget. That’s a couple less problems on your mind that would hinder you from staying motivated for the rest of the day.”

  • “Take a break and take a sip of KABISA. Simple but works so well.”

Stay motivated and soar above and beyond!

What are your ideas for daily motivation?


source: https://bit.ly/2cq3lCF