Check out these 10 KABISA Energy Drink rules! #KABISA #Mutalo #rulez

1. Appreciate the first sip of KABISA Energy Drink, because it’s like no other.

2. When drinking KABISA, be the creator of your own story: imagine your favorite place…

3 … and Imagine where and with whom you would want to find yourself at the very moment

4. Drink KABISA and smile because of #2 and #3

5. Cheer up during that moment and let the happiness sink in for good.

6. Whenever possible, share KABISA with a friend, because Quality > Quantity

7. If you’re out and about, free yourself and let KABISA energize you and your Saturday night moves

8. When you’re planning on having a KABISA after a hard day at work or university, lean back and relax, because what’s about to come is simple gratification.

9. Expect it to be great until the last sip.

10.____________ ← This one is yours, so go with your gut and show what you got!