New energy drinks coming out to accompany you in watching your favourite games.

We are the energy drink producers that surely can switch energy drink taste and quality using just natural ingredients. Other energy drink brands think that there is a need to use chemicals, but they are misfiting the current customers relish. Everyone should start energy drink consumption that suits their needs. Kabisa energy drink is a disruptive beverage and it’s already beloved all around the world for example KABISA was announced as the best energy drink kenya loves and also best energy drink ivory coast learnt to appreciate.

Because we are known as one of the most popular mauritian drinks, we are attending at many events in Mauritius. Recently we were present at a match between Manchester United and Liverpool at Hennessy Park Hotel. Which team were you cheering for? Thank you everyone for coming there, we had so much fun!

Ps. We hope that you were enjoying our original recipe drink 🙂