One of the 10 top energy drinks in the world – KABISA.

Mutalo Group, modern and functional drink manufacturer created delicious energy drink inspired by the African social values and tropical flavours. We are excited about the product which brings innovation, vitalizes body and mind to be the best in ivory coast energy drink variety and the greatest among energy drinks in tanzaniaGhana drinks fans also cheerished KABISA and its great quality and taste. They noticed that KABISA is great to use as an alco-mixer, especially at the parties and events with friends.

You thought that you know everything about energy drinks? Did you check our product: kabisa meaning in your language? Kabisa’s language of origin is African-Swahili. The meaning of Kabisa is ‘completely’ and ‘perfectly’. This is the reason why we strive to perfection with our product. When you are looking at list of energy drink brands KABISA brand name is the most unique, so does our package design.

Find attached video from our backstage photoshoot in Mauritius: