KABISA – your party energy drink

Among all of the top energy drink brands available in Africa, one of them can be definitely called as the best one energy drink for turning up a party.

KABISA is an energy drink produced in Poland by Mutalo Group and distributed in Africa. Mutalo Group is one of the most rapidly growing energy drink manufacturing companies in the world. If you are wondering about a meaning of a word KABISA Swahili language brings the answer. Translation of the word is “perfectly” or “entirely”.

Tired after work? Chill with KABISA and your family! Wanna have some drinks at a Saturday night party? Choose KABISA to fill up your favorite cocktail!

While we are on the party subject, KABISA was the best selling energy drink in clubs in Africa in 2018! In Kenya drink is a bestseller not only in the clubs but also in a whole HoReCa sector. It is also the most frequently bought energy drink Uganda can offer. KABISA also defeated mo energy drink Tanzania loved the most in the last year.

KABISA distinguishes itself from the other beverages with a composition of the product. It contains 100% natural sugar, vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 that are crucial for your body and no artificial substances. That is all in energy drink that is #1 in Africa!