Students voted – what energy drink is the best?

Students from African universities voted: KABISA chosen as the best energy drink 2018!
The list of top drinks brands consists of the most sold soft beverages in Africa.

There are a lot of ways increase your efficiency, for instance boosting your energy with the vibrant energy drink ingredients such as vitamin B3 and B5. Students from Mauritius drink KABISA Energy Drink because it contains only natural sugar and all the B-vitamins needed for the body. Almost every student in Tanzania drinks KABISA – because of the high quality ingredients and Tanzanian design of the can. In those two countries as well as in Congo, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana and Mozambique the energy drink Poland is producing became the first choice when it comes to instant refreshments. KABISA reached the summit of the “top drink brands” ranking in Africa – even though energy drink manufacturing process takes place in Poland. We couldn’t be more happy right now, thank you African students’ society!