Which energy drink is the best for you when you want to stay active? KABISA!

Let’s see – in which situations do you grab a can of KABISA? Do you prefer it with a meal or do you like to share it with your friends? Is it your go-to party drink or an irreplaceable support to get some work done?  No matter if you’re relaxing or simply need the motivation to finish an important task – KABISA is the perfect source of real energy. We love being active and we’re always excited for every event we’re holding – and there are so many! We have to mention that Kenya is definitely one of our favourite places to organise activities, your enthusiasm is what keeps us going! We’re doing our best to gather outstanding artists and create a cheerful atmosphere to have an enjoyable time together with you. We’re among the brands of energy drinks that put customers’ satisfaction first, therefore, it’s a huge success for us to see so many of you drinking KABISA and we’re more than happy to meet you! Last month we all had fun at an awesome concert in Nairobi and next week we hope to see you at another one! And for those of you who haven’t had KABISA yet – don’t forget to check our Facebook fanpage to find out in which stores you can try it. We often like to treat you with some tasting sessions!

When it comes to wholesale energy drink sector, it is very demanding – for example in Botswana manufacturing any kind of beverage has to be maintained at a very high level. There are various products on the market that differ regarding the cost and overall value. KABISA has an unbeatable quality to price ratio which is one of the reasons it’s gaining popularity so quickly. We are present in many countries and work with some of the best distributors. One of the shop owners has recently told us how the situation looks in his store on a daily basis: “When customers are talking about their favourite beverages or want to buy something to drink I usually hear the same energy drink name – KABISA. It’s definitely one of the most popular products!” We’ve also heard that KABISA is the best energy drink for work or studying – anytime you need to stay focused and efficient. Due to its amazing composition, it provides a healthy dose of energy. There aren’t many healthy drinks in this sector, KABISA stands out among other energy drink brands for the reasons that we’re very proud of – it has a great quality, natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners added. KABISA is one of the best drinks for energy boost – it’s packed with vitamins essential for the optimal functioning of your body and mind.

So if you’re looking for Africa’s favourite beverage – KABISA is already at the top of the energy drink brands list. It’s also on the list of top energy drinks Zimbabwe really loves and it’s one of the most popular energy drinks made in Nigeria. And if you’re searching for the best beverages in Uganda – KABISA is the number one choice as well.

Our next goal is to become one of the leading energy drinks in South Africa and to join the group of the most popular European energy drinks brands. We’re also looking forward to entering new markets and cooperating with more partners in Asia and the Middle East. This week we are present at the SIAL exhibition in China, one of the biggest and most important international events from the food and beverage sector. We hope to see some of you there!

There’s so much going on and we really appreciate your feedback – you chose KABISA as one of the best drinks brands! Thank you for your trust and for enjoying life together with us! Stay tuned for more incredible events!