Do you know what is the best energy drink on the market? It’s KABISA!

It’s almost June and we have an amazing occasion coming up! Happy Madaraka Day, dear Kenyans! What are your plans for this significant day? Are you spending it with your family and friends? Prepare for some long celebrations and don’t forget to get a refill of KABISA while you’re partying! KABISA is one of the top energy drinks in the world and Africa’s favourite beverage – it’s the best selling branded energy drink that really stands out. We are one of the biggest energy drink manufacturers from Europe. Most of the energy drinks in Poland are full of synthetic and unhealthy additives – we decided to be different and introduced a game-changer, KABISA. In contrast to other energy drinks, KABISA has no artificial sweeteners and is packed with vitamins essential for the human body and mind. We also use only natural sugars and high-quality European ingredients. In the Bahamas drinks are produced according to very high standards and we’re more than happy that our incredible product meets those requirements. We’re already one of the biggest energy drink companies and we’re constantly developing – we plan to become Africa’s most recognized wholesale energy drinks suppliers. Among Asian energy drinks, KABISA is a relatively new brand but it’s quickly becoming a sensation on the market. It’s a power drink Zambia loves and a top energy drink Sierra Leone really appreciated in the last two months. In June you can find us at Africas Big 7 – one of the most important events from the food and beverage sector. Come see us – let’s have a chat and a sip of KABISA together! We’re sure that this exhibition will let us present KABISA to some new groups of customers. We also hope it will help us become one of the top-selling branded energy drinks on the continent and the best Sierra Leonean drink. It’s going to be a busy time for us, and let’s face it – we’re going to need a real power booster. All of us have experienced some moments of feeling low on energy. If you want to stay active – KABISA is one of the most effective drinks for stamina. Whether you’re doing sports, preparing for a challenging hike or you’re simply in need of a quick kick of energy – as one of long lasting energy drinks, KABISA will keep you awake during any demanding tasks. And what’s more, it’s one of very few tropical drinks with a true African vibe – its unique taste provides you with the ultimate refreshment. Once again – happy Madaraka Day, we hope you enjoy it! And remember, a selection of chilled, delicious beverages is a crucial part of any celebration, so now that the party season is coming – make sure to find KABISA in your local store and grab a can or two!