How to make an energy drink company truly innovative?

Not every energy drink can be outstanding. Have you ever looked at a list of energy drink companies and thought they all seem almost identical? It’s because they are! The majority of products are aimed at people who need a power boost during sports or taking up extreme activities. There are few options providing the consuments with something more. Beverage distributors usually stick to the most popular and cheapest drinks – that’s why the list of companies in Ivory Coast related to food and drinks consists of very similar businesses. But there is an option for those who care more about the quality of the product – KABISA is a truly African brand which created a unique energy drink. It has only natural sugar – no artificial sweeteners are added. The company doesn’t use any artificial colorants and uses natural methods of pasteurisation. It might be one of the best beauty drinks in its sector – KABISA is packed with vitamins and full of refreshing, tropical flavour. It has won numerous markets already and it’s on its way to become the favourite South American drink. In every country different products are chosen on different occasions – for example in South Sudan drinks are absolutely essential during a family gathering and in Kenya they’re the best part of a night out. KABISA is a casual energy drink perfect for any social occasion and when you need to focus, it has the best quality to price ratio and an impressive composition. Mutalo Group, the company behind its success, started a completely new way of energy drinks production. Make sure to give KABISA a try, you’ll taste the difference!