How many energy drink brands are there and which one is the best?

When looking at all those energy drink brand names it might seem that the majority of the products from this sector are aimed at people who are in need of a quick power boost while doing sports, extreme activities or partying. Are there any other occasions in which these beverages come in handy? The largest energy drink companies don’t pay much attention to the quality of their products and that’s why many of them have an awful aftertaste and are full of artificial additives. It’s pretty hard to imagine drinking them with a meal or while casually relaxing. The best importers in various countries started to notice that people care more about the higher quality of ingredients than finding the cheapest available option. For example in Liberia drinks made of natural ingredients are gaining popularity very quickly and South African beverage companies start to set higher and more strict standards when it comes to drink production. A few years ago a unique, innovative product took many markets by storm – KABISA Energy Drink started a real revolution in the beverage sector. Its producers decided to gather the highest quality ingredients, natural sugar and vitamins – and put it all in energy drink that really stands out. In Africa Kabisa quickly became one of the most popular and favourite energy drinks and it won the hearts of people in several countries. It has no artificial colorants and sweeteners added, provides an ultimate energy boost and hits you with its refreshing, tropical flavour. It’s also arousing a lot of interest among the American beverage distributors which means that it will soon be available in more and more places. There are many brands in the energy drink sector – but one that actually makes a difference!