Jumia is absorbing all the Africa Internet Group’s Startups

All the startups of the Africa Internet Group (AIG), a subsidiary company of Rocket Internet, will be renamed to become a part of the Jumia brand. AIG owns a portfolio of companies including Lamudi, Kaymu, Jovago, HelloFood, Everjobs, and others. All of them are set to be changed to Jumia-something. For example, Jovago will become Jumia travel, HelloFood is transformed to Jumia Food, Vendito will be Jumia Deals, and Lamudi will be known as Jumia House.

     In accordance to records, brand changing will help to increase AIG’s marketing strategy after a sharp drop in Rocket Internet’s share price by more than 25% over the past six months. Oliver Salmer, CEO of the Rocket Internet, says, “Jumia in Africa is billing out its market share in a difficult macro environment and we are very optimistic for this business in a very long life.”

     It should be noted that so far there are no records about staff or management changings in these companies. Everything will be working as it is. As a result, this rebranding will make Jumia a huge network in Africa involving a variety of services ranging from food delivery to hotel bookings.


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