KABISA has been chosen as one of the most popular energy drinks in 2017

Even though year 2017 is over it is never too late to boast of the success we have achieved. The ranking prepared on the basis of African market data, in which the best energising drink was chosen is out!

Each energy drink factory whose products are available on the African market were considered to become a leader while preparing the list. Our team didn’t know what to expect, but to our positive surprise KABISA was honored as the best energy drink brand of the year.

It appears, that KABISA was appreciated by a lot of Zimbabwe drink lovers – we outclassed all the rivals there. The brand was also on the podium of classification of all  energy drinks in Uganda. Huge amount of people in Malawi drinks KABISA and all of them noticed its refreshing taste and tropical vibe. Undoubtedly, this kind of news spurs us into action!

We have to admit, that we are extremely proud of our success. That is why we will repeat it once again: KABISSA is the best beverage on the top of the list of all energy drinks on African market.