KABISA – the best working energy drink is a big hit in Africa!

Mutalo Group, an energy drink manufacturer from Poland introduced KABISA – their flagship product to Africa. What differentiates this energetic drink from the others? Undoubtedly the high-quality ingredients used in the production! It contains vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, pure water from the base of Tatra mountains and natural sugar. Our new energy drink has already become one of the best energy drinks in Kenya. Moreover, it also won Ghanaians hearts – above a half of the people in Ghana drinks KABISA. Our great and vibrant energy drink company captured the Ivorian market as well – we achieved propitious sales results in Ivory Coast. Right now KABISA is being launched in Mauritius and in order to that Mutalo Group is organizing the best beach party Mauritius ever had!

KABISA is a perfect reason to enjoy life together with your friends – while chilling out after work or partying all night long (we don’t have to mention that KABISA is the best ingredient of the cocktails, do we?). Maybe you are taking part in dance classes or you practice team sports? Within every passion energy drink KABISA will provide you needed energy to give 100% of yourself!

Grab your friends and have fun! Cheers!