KABISA on Sand Music Festival in Malawi! Music lovers decided what is the best energy drink!

Last weekend there was a special music event Malawi hasn’t seen for a long time! Sand Music Festival 2018 was finally there and we couldn’t be more happy! We were there with our tropical drinks and we quenched peoples’ thirst during breaks between concerts of amazing Kenyatta Hill, Andrew Tosh and Ammara Brown.

We absolutely loved the event! We got a lot of amazing feedback from Malawians, who seemed to truly love our product! This is what they had to say:

“I always drink KABISA, when I need to study hard. There’s nothing better. It’s definitely the best energy drink for focus.” – said Joseph from Blantyre International University. And Akimu from Limbe accompanied him:

“I love KABISA and to be honest I think it’s one of the best energy drink brands available in Malawi right now. I first saw it at my friend’s house when he was studying and he told me it’s the best power drink. I liked the can design, so I gave it a try. I loved it right away. This African-sounding name of the product – just wow. Energy drinks names are usually boring and similar to each other. This one is truly unique! That is why I was shocked when I found out that KABISA Energy Drink manufacturerMutalo Group comes from Poland, cause it fits us Africans so well! Well done Poland! I bet it’s the best energy drink Europe ever seen, huh?”

Well, Akimu, you might be right! We are happy to call ourselves the energy drink Ghana chooses for partying with friends and studying. The time for Europe will come! And then we will become the best energy drink Asia ever tried. Who knows! But right now it’s time for Africa! We’ll definitely explore more and more African markets and what’s more, wait for us on Africa’s Big 7 International Food Fair next year! We promise you to do our best!