DJ Kerozen already knows what energy drink works the best!

Last year, after storming some other African markets, such as Malawi and Mauritius, entering the list of soft drinks companies in Kenya and attending quite a lot of african food trade fairs, KABISA decided to target Cote d’Ivoire energy drink market and jump to the top of the list of drinks in Nigeria! And we must admit that we have almost accomplished our big plans! Let’s take a closer look into the Ivory Coast case: we entered the Ivorian market couple of months ago and we’ve been growing rapidly ever since. The product marketing is going very smoothly with more and more customers interested in it. We are now considered as one of the best energy drinks in Ivory Coast and one of the soft drink companies that has really taken the market by storm. We asked some Ivorians what energy drink available on the market is the best. Here’s what Grace from Abidjan told us:

“I’ve tasted a bunch of energy drinks in my life and that’s because I’m always busy! I just need energy boost sometimes! I’ve tried for example Bravado Energy Drink and Breeze Energy Drink that are easily available in our local shops. But they’re nothing like KABISA. The taste, the price, the quality – it’s just the best.”

What’s even more exciting – recently we have started a huge cooperation with an Ivorian music star – DJ Kerozen, who became our ambassador! We are extremely thrilled to work with him and we have several plans for our collaboration! Let us tell you more about the upcoming campaign!

The cooperation between Kerozen and the Ivorian top energy drink – KABISA – began in August and promises to be very successful and long-term. What makes us so unique are the values we promote: family, friends and ambition. And collaboration with Kerozen is not a random choice – the musician’s life background made him value the same things as we do. What’s more, Kerozen’s music is a perfect reflection of the Ivorians’ outgoing lifestyle – and so is KABISA! We are now getting ready to finally broadcast our first TV commercial with Kerozen in the lead role! It will be launched on Ivorian screens this November and it’s going to be lit! But it’s not over. What you should expect from this cooperation are lots of Facebook commercials, sponsored concerts, contests for fans and a couple of special events. But let’s see what Kerozen himself has to tell us about the foregoing cooperation with KABISA:

“I am thrilled to be the ambassador of KABISA. I heard of it for the first time several months ago and I must admit I was very curious about it. Then I noticed a KABISA can in an Abidjanian local shop! I was so delighted to find it in my country – I loved the taste right away. So being an ambassador of the brand I am truly fond of myself is something that feels just right. KABISA is definitely one of the best energy drink suppliers in our country and simply one of the best drinks I’ve ever tried. The quality of the taste, ingredients and packing are truly unique, so I’m sure it will continuously steal Ivorians’ hearts, especially now having me on board!”

Well, we’ve got your word Kerozen! And for those interested in our cooperation – don’t forget to follow KABISA and Kerozen’s social media profiles so as not to miss any important news! We promise you won’t be disillusioned!