Kenyans already know which energy drink works the best!

Couple of months ago KABISA Energy Drink entered the Kenyan market of beverages. We started our adventure in Nairobi distributing KABISA in small local shops. After all this time we can proudly say that it’s been a huge success and we are now one of the top energy drink distributors in Kenya!

We have launched our flagship product KABISA in Kenya in may this year. What a wild ride it’s been! We managed to create a dream team of creative and brave people, who understand our vision and mission, ready to conquer Kenyan market with us. We stole Kenyans hearts immediately and it’s shown us that in order to succeed and be the most effective energy drink on the beverage market, a brand needs to have relatable values, live by them and portray them in every aspect – just like we do!

“KABISA Energy Drink is a brand that I really like to work with. In contrast to other companies in the beverage sector, this one really shows values! It’s definitely a beverage manufacturer worth working for. I would call KABISA a group drink since it tastes the best with friends or family. And while one of KABISA’s values is fun and partying, it shows the importance of family and ambitious goals at the same time! And the taste is just amazing! What can I say? It’s just the best energy drink for you.” – says Vera – our Nairobi based marketing manager.

Well, Vera, we totally agree! And if you haven’t tried KABISA yet, imagine this: do you know the taste of drinks such as Baraka Energy Drink which is probably available in your local store? Or Kung Fu Energy Tanzania fell for? Or maybe well-known Monster Energy Drink Kenya really loves? What would you say if we told you that KABISA tastes even better? And thanks to high quality ingredients it can really boost your energy in a healthy manner! Seriously, we should call ourselves energy shot manufacturer, cause this little tropical can contains a large dose of pure energy!

Besides Kenya we are present on a dozen of other African markets. For example KABISA is now one of the products made in Mauritius and the beverage Ivorians chose as The Best New Energy Drink 2017. We have huge plans for the brand’s development: there are still lots of African countries to conquer on our list, markets to enter and food exhibitions to attend. We’re going to display our product on Africas Big 7 food fair in Johannesburg next year and many many more are yet to come. But we’re definitely not forgetting about Kenya as this is the market we really want to focus on!