What’s the best energy drink for you? Watch our first TV commercial and find out!

Well, this fabulous moment had to come eventually! Last Saturday in Ivory Coast we had the pleasure to launch our TV commercial, starring DJ Kerozen himself! You probably already know that he is KABISA Energy Drink ambassador and now we decided to take our cooperation to the next level by making him the star of our commercial! It premiered in Ivorian TV last Saturday and has been generating very positive feedback so far!
Take a look:


As a top selling energy drinks brand in Ivory Coast we now decided to focus on our presence in traditional media. Therefore, we started with putting billboards all over Abidjan and filming our amazing commercial. We are now one of the top ten energy drinks in Ivory Coast, but our journey to gain the label of the most effective energy drink wasn’t easy either and that’s why we value ambition and hard work the most. In the commercial Kerozen also made it clear that KABISA is the best energy booster for him whenever he needs a motivation kick and we hope more and more Ivorians will give it a try soon!


Among new drink manufacturing companies present on African markets we proudly think of ourselves as having the widest outreach. We became the first energy drink from Europe Kenya drinks gladly and one of the energy drinks best selling in Malawi. Consequently, we expanded our activities on Mauritius island energy drink market. Then the time has come to conquer western parts of Africa. In Ghana energy drink KABISA found lots of fans and now it grows in popularity in Ivory Coast! We are attending international food exhibitions, such as Anuga and SIAL, and generally promoting our beverage everywhere we can. KABISA is growing in strength and we are proud of it!