Merry Christmas from KABISA – the best energy drink in the world!

The most magical time of the year has finally come! Christmas is in only 3 days! That’s why the whole KABISA Team wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas! May your hearts be filled with joy and all your dreams come true! And if you need the healthy energy boosters for Christmas preparations – remember, KABISA is the best energy drink for work!  It’s definitely gonna help you do your best, cause we know Christmas time can be really exhausting!


Nonetheless, it’s all about the beauty of Christmas! At KABISA, we can’t wait to celebrate this special time with our families and friends. On the energy drink brands list we are probably the only ones with such values. Well, thanks to that we already succeeded many times over! Because people nowadays don’t like drinks such as Monster Energy Drinks Kenya contacts us to sell our products locally, cause Kenyan consumers tend to choose the best quality products now. What we wish for ourselves this Christmas is to continuously pass our knowledge of how to manufacture energy drink on, become the number one Mauritius energy drink and attend more African trade fairs! And for the reason that KABISA is still a newbie on the beverage market, we’d like to conquer more and more African countries and become the cooler than all Tanzania drinks fans love! Our name – KABISA has its origin in East-African Swahili language and means “entirely, completely”. We are already present in Kenya, but Tanzania still misses out on KABISA. Among all the names for energy drinks, KABISA is truly Swahili, hence truly Tanzanian, and we think it would be a great idea to try our luck there! Keep your fingers crossed!


KABISA TEAM wishes you a Merry Christmas! Similarly we would like your homes to be filled with joy and laughter. Eat well, drink KABISA and relax! Best wishes from your one and only Christmas Energy Drink – KABISA!