It’s Jamhuri Day in Kenya and what’s good for energy? KABISA IS!

As you probably know, KABISA Energy Drink has been present on the Kenyan market for a couple of months now. We are slowly climbing to the top of the energy drink list, easily beating some of the largest energy drink companies. But still, there are people who need to know about us more! That’s why we’ve decided to present ourselves to a wider audience and the Kenyan Jamhuri Day would be a great time for it!


Jamhuri Day is a national holiday in Kenya, celebrated on December 12th each year. The holiday marks the date Kenya became an independent republic and gained freedom from the British rule. The Kenyans love this day and are really proud about it, so as to become a truly Kenyan drink, we wanted to show how KABISA celebrates this day as well! We organized a sampling of KABISA on one of the main streets in Nairobi and successfully quenched people’s thirst while coming back from the national celebrations at the Central Stadium. Each of them got an energy drink can to try KABISA and they were pretty impressed with its taste!


“This is definitely the best energy drink I’ve ever tried! It’s rather difficult to impress me when it comes to new drinks, cause I think Kenya’s already seen everything and it’s hard to be unique now. But KABISA is really one of the best beverages I’ve ever tasted” – says John from Nairobi. And Jess from Kiambu accompanies him:


“I feel likewise, I must say! Most of the drink suppliers in Kenya now are not able to surprise us anymore! I prefer to drink Tanzanian drinks or this crazy popular South African drink called Rock Shandy that recently came to our local pubs, cause I just feel bored of what Kenya has to offer. But KABISA is different! I’m so glad that you launched your beverage in our country! Tomorrow I’m gonna go and try to find it in my local shop”.


Thank you for your kind words! This is something that truly motivates us to do our best! And being received this well in Kenya makes us want more! Next on our list: Nigeria! Well, It’s true that the list of energy drinks in Nigeria is long, but they still haven’t tried KABISA! We suppose they’re gonna make some space for us 😉 We already set our goal: we want to launch KABISA in two new countries by the time of Anuga 2019 – an International Trade Fair for Food and Beverages that’s gonna take place in October next year! Pretty crazy, right? But let’s face it – you need to be a little crazy sometimes if you want to succeed!