Participants of Waribana Party in Abidjan already know what energy drink works the best!

As one of the leading energy drinks in Ivory Coast, KABISA is now actively sponsoring some top events in Abidjan to reach as many Ivorians as possible! We are getting bigger and bigger and in order to match the European energy drink brands and generally all the largest energy drink companies worldwide, it’s time to highlight our presence in the clubs of Abidjan!

On Christmas Eve we had the pleasure of sponsoring an amazing event hosted by the Fairouz Club in Abidjan – Waribana Party! You probably wonder what it is! The concept was imported from Lebanon by people who lived or spent their childhood in African countries. What a night it was! It all looked wild and truly African! There were two international DJs, who instantly stole Ivorians’ hearts with some electrifying music! People went crazy about our tropical energy drink! Bartenders served some special drinks with KABISA and it worked out so well! Those who already knew and tasted our energy drink encouraged others to try and due to that we had our hands full that night! We decided to ask people what they think about KABISA. The feedback we got was incredible!

“Polish energy drink? You guys are from Poland? Wow, I’d never have guessed! The design of the can looks truly African! I follow you on social media and I’m impressed! I come from Ghana, I spent my childhood in Senegal and then I studied in Nigeria, so I can easily compare. Senegalese energy drinks brands or the soft drink companies in Ghana usually don’t have any idea for marketing and that’s why they fail. And energy drinks in Nigeria market? Well, they sell products on a large scale, but lack creativity. Whereas KABISA with this huge Kerozen campaign and those creative Facebook posts… you guys rock!” – says Victoria. And her friend Mawuli adds:

“Wow, boost drink manufacturer from Poland, Europe… here in Ivory Coast… Nice! I love the taste! It’s very refreshing! I’ve never tried KABISA before, but I heard about it. I think it’s among the energy drinks South Africa sells, right? And of course I’ve seen the TV commercial and billboards with Kerozen around the city. I’m happy I can finally try it!”

Yes, you’re right Mawuli! We are present in numerous African countries and South Africa is among them. Yet still there are some markets that miss out on KABISA: we still are not present on the list of beverage companies in Tanzania, but it is on our to-do-list! What’s more, we want to become one of the leading energy drinks in Dominica and start a massive energy drink production Cabo Verde has never seen! If you like KABISA – keep your fingers crossed for us! And Ivorians – don’t worry! We are still going to serve our best energy drink in the clubs and collaborate with the coolest events in Ivory Coast, so everyone can fall in love with KABISA!