What energy drinks work the best at the pool party? KABISA!

Couple of weeks ago KABISA Energy Drink was a sponsor of a great event in Abidjan! Do you know those great parties at the pool with great drinks and lots of fun? BIZIGO Party was exactly one of them! And who doesn’t love pool parties, right? KABISA is still among the new drinks brands as we entered the Ivorian market only two years ago, but we can now call ourselves one of the best energy drinks available in Ivory Coast! This is why we take part in a lot of cool events such as BIZIGO Party! It’s a perfect opportunity to relax and escape from the daily routine. And when you need to relax energy drink such as KABISA is the best solution!

In Abidjan energy drink manufacturing companies are often sponsoring such events, so the bar is set pretty high. Drink manufacturers struggle to sponsor the coolest events and the competition on the market is huge. For the reason that KABISA is now very recognizable we got super lucky with the BIZIGO event! What a night it was! People were dancing, swimming and simply having fun. That’s all thanks to refreshing and classy drinks made with KABISA by our talented bartenders! KABISA is such a power booster energy drink that people stayed up all night!

“It’s a cool solution to make cocktails with energy drinks! The South America energy drink market already saw this trend, but here in Africa it’s not so popular. I’m happy to prepare drinks with KABISA for BIZIGO participants tonight to show them that it’s a perfect combo!” – said Fabrice – a bartender at the party.

All of the participants were amazed by our product. No wonder why! KABISA is now a beverage the whole of Nigeria drinks passionately and similarly, one of the beverages on the list of top energy drinks Dominican Republic serves in the bars. Now that we know how to manufacture energy drink we set off on a journey to conquer other markets! If we’re speaking of Africa, we want to become a beverage Uganda drinks eagerly and energy drink distributors Gambia looks for! But the rest of the world is still waiting for KABISA! We want to conquest the Caribbean next and become one of the best beverages in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. And of course attend a lot of awesome food exhibitions to present KABISA to the world. Next destination: SIAL Shanghai!