Mauritians know perfectly what the best energy drink is!

What is better than a day off and a can of cold, sparkling KABISA? Probably nothing! This week Mauritians had a great chance to experience it as on Tuesday they celebrated Independence Day! And as one of the best energy drink brands, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to take part in the celebrations! We were there with our activations to make this day even more special. KABISA is now the energy drink whole Mauritius drinks readily and the best energy booster drink, so we have to keep up the good work and be present in Mauritians’ everyday lives! As one of few energy drink manufacturing companies that really count on the market, we feel obliged to do so – and we love it! As our Independence Day activities drew to an end, we found it a great opportunity to ask some participants what they think about KABISA.

“What I especially love about KABISA is that it’s one of few energy drinks that work. When I need to work hard – an energy drink helps me concentrate. But when I need to chill energy drink is more like a casual way to spend my free time. And KABISA has it all” – says Aurelie.

And we totally agree! We are proud to say that KABISA has only natural ingredients and an outstanding amount of vitamins. We are the only energy drink manufacturer in Africa who really cares for the quality of the packaging – our German aluminium cans can really survive almost everything! A lot of countries in Africa already know the winning points of KABISA! People from Kenya drink only KABISA nowadays! It also has been announced best power drink from Congo and top energy drink Central African Republic fell in love with. It’s also one of the best Tanzanian drinks, and similarly the energy drink best known for its quality in Ivory Coast. KABISA drinks are now top selling energy drinks in Guinea-Bissau. Recently we started to conquer countries outside of Africa as well! In Dominican Republic energy drink was quickly acclaimed as a new top beverage! And for the reason that KABISA Energy Drink is doing so well in the international arena, we are now getting ready to attend the prestigious food exhibition – Africa’s Big 7 in June! Visit our stand there to get in touch and know more about us!