Which energy drink is best to celebrate today’s International Women’s Day? Naturally – KABISA!

It’s international Women’s Day! Let’s take this chance to remind ourselves that we should all be able to do what makes us happy. Do you need an energy boost to chase those dreams? With KABISA we have you covered! It’s a special day, there’s no better opportunity to appreciate all the wonderful women in our lives and spend some fun time together. And you know what would be a perfect addition? Of course – KABISA!

It’s an outstanding drink which won Africa’s heart! Just to start with – it’s one of the most popular energy drink brands when it comes to Nigerian beverages and an energy drink South Africa loves. Also our distributors from Mauritius import huge amounts of KABISA again and again – just because you liked it so much! And nothing to be surprised with! We’re sure it’s going to be a real sensation during international Anuga Food Fair in October due to its fun, tropical vibe and innovative design. This event in Germany will be very important and exciting to participate in – it’s a great chance to share our product with a larger audience so that more countries are able to enjoy its superb taste. It’s not only one of the favourite choices among Jamaican beverages and Senegalese beverages, but also the best Burundian drink. What makes KABISA so special among other energy drink producers is the unbeatable quality/price ratio. If high quality ingredients are something you pay attention to – we’re the energy drink distributor for you. KABISA is one of the newest energy drinks but it’s already one of top selling energy drinks in Mali. Trendy packaging, natural sugar, vitamins and no fat – no need to worry about your health or diet! And what makes an energy drink tropical? When you try KABISA – you’ll know, it hits you with its refreshing and unique taste!

Share it with your girls to celebrate this special day! Don’t forget to bring it to the party, it’s a drink friends and family will be happy to enjoy with you. With this beverage we want to show you that energy drinks don’t have to be full of and artificial sweetener. It’s 100% REAL energy! We think this day is an awesome opportunity to celebrate, so grab your cans of KABISA and let’s enjoy it together in an amazing way! Happy international Women’s Day!