What’s the best energy drink for Ivorians? Citizens of Abidjan answered KABISA!

Have you ever wondered which energy drink is best? The answer is obvious. KABISA is the top energy drink! Among all energy drinks companies Mutalo Group is the only one producing high quality, natural coolers. There aren’t many other natural energy drink brands on the market, that is why KABISA is loved by all of the Ivory Coast citizens. We witnessed it last week on our huge promo action in Abidjan! The event was packed! We shared some amazing and heart-warming moments together with our fans, which we won’t forget for a long time.

As energy drink makers, our customers are most important, that is why we want to focus on providing a drink, which has a healthy impact on people’s body, while giving a boost of pure energy. Currently we are spreading the word about KABISA all around Africa. When you search for: energy drink manufacturers South Africa, or energy drink production Zambia, the first thing you’ll see is Mutalo Group. We are already among the top selling energy drinks in Democratic Republic of The Congo and the new energy drink in Morocco. In contrast to other energy drinks available in Morocco, KABISA is the only one without any artificial sweeteners.  

We are continuously developing our brand and hope to reach higher and higher. So far, we showed up on both the list of top energy drinks in Nigeria and top energy drinks 2016. But that’s not enough for us. We want to make KABISA global. Last year, you could find us in France during Sial Paris 2018. Currently we are preparing to enter Asia, so soon you’ll see KABISA next to other Asian drinks. Our goal is to be one of the best drinks in the world, so that KABISA becomes a name of energy drinks we are proud of. However, we have not forgotten about our beloved Africa. Recently, KABISA entered Tanzania and is gaining popularity among other Tanzanian drinks. If you still haven’t tried KABISA, don’t hesitate and let yourself fall in love with our energy drink.