What’s the most effective energy drink when you need to be active? KABISA!

We love facing new challenges, especially when people gather together to do some good and make a change. We recently visited a child care home in Yopougon and met some awesome new friends! We had a lot of fun – it’s easy to enjoy your day when you have KABISA! All the kids liked to spend time with us and it put a huge smile on our faces – the staff of the child care home after trying KABISA agreed it’s their favourite drink brand.

It was priceless to hear that! We aspire to be the best in energy drink company, so we put our customers first. And hence the incredible outcome! When it comes to popularity – KABISA is on the top of the list of drinks from Africa. We care a lot about the quality of our ingredients, great tropical taste and innovative packaging. As a result, KABISA is often listed as the best energy drink in Antigua and Barbuda and it’s the number one beverage people from Ivory Coast drink. Our fans from Grenada drink KABISA on almost every occasion – they say it’s perfect with a meal! As the best energy drink in Libya and one of the top selling drinks in Nigeria it might be surprising that KABISA is not one of those really expensive energy drinks.  What makes us stand out among all the other energy drink companies is the unbeatable quality to price ratio. The sector of energy drink production Mauritius has to offer is quite demanding and constantly developing – but we’re sure that among all the names of energy drinks you’ll hear KABISA a lot! The awesome feedback we’re getting from you keeps motivating us. We’re definitely one of the top power drink brands – we put a lot of effort in organizing exciting events to provide you with some extra energy! We love sharing our positive vibes with you! Take a look at our Facebook fanpages for more information, we try to be active all the time! Now we’re getting ready for some big events from the food and beverage industry – like Anuga 2019 and the International Food Fair. We hope to see some of you there! But if you need a bit of rest – just take it slow during the weekend and relax. And if you’re looking for something interesting to read – check out the rest of our posts on the best energy drink blog!