KABISA – the best energy drink for focus!

We hope you are all doing great! Last month brought our company plenty of exciting events and we feel motivated more and more every day now! Tomasz Nowowieyski – our co-founder and CEO – had an honour to be one of the speakers at the eighth edition of the Emerging Markets Business Conference at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He shared his knowledge about emerging markets and told all the focused listeners how to do the impossible – that is how to introduce and develop a new product on 15 markets in only 3 years! The conference was a huge success and everyone left feeling inspired. Events like that really make us feel motivated and honoured. However, we know public speeches can be really stressful for some people. And for anytime you’re feeling so – we can recommend something to ease that! We think you already know the answer… KABISA! It is considered as the best energy drink for focus during any activity, such as public statements, in order not to lose concentration. The biggest part of our production of energy drinks in Poland is exported to the African markets. Our company is considered to be the fastest growing Polish exporter due to the fact that we received multiple awards, including the main prize at “Polska Firma Międzynarodowy Czempion 2018”. Many African countries loved KABISA and now we are the most popular energy drinks brand on the continent! That is very exciting for us and we thank you all for that! Last days we also heard that we’re heading to the top of the list of energy drinks in Ghana. Moreover, according to statistics, our beverage is among the most loved energy drinks in Uganda! Lately we found out that our energy drink is one of the best beverages in Equatorial Guinea as well as the top energy drink in South Africa.

All the successful new energy drink companies pay attention to the production of their beverages. When creating KABISA, we put an extra effort to make it a high-quality product. In this energy drink you won’t find any toxic substances nor artificial sugar. That is the reason why we appeared on the list of energy drink companies in Martinique that are the most popular and favourite. Everyday we gather various comments from our customers and we treat every message seriously. In our company people are the priority so we make sure that all of our clients are satisfied with the product – your appreciation means a lot to us!

We are also aware that we all have bad days sometimes. In order to increase your stamina energy drink such as KABISA will help you get back to a good condition! Anytime you feel you have too much work or you’re facing stressful situations – give KABISA a try! For example, I always make sure to have this delicious energy drink near me. Trust us, it will make a difference! And you can grab it wherever you want – our handy energy drink can is available in 250ml and 500ml so you have a chance to decide how much energy you need. And this is how KABISA has become one of the wholesale energy drinks suppliers  that are loved the most! Furthermore, it’s already one of the favourite Nigerian drinks – that’s some really great news! Events, such as this conference or Sial China 2019, make our company develop all the time and bring mahy creative ideas. We do our best to make our company grow more and more everyday!