What’s new on the market? A fresh product among the best energy drink brands.

Mutalo Group is a beverage manufacturer from Poland. The company’s flagship product, KABISA, is the most powerful energy drink with a unique taste and a high-quality composition. It was designed especially for the African market and it’s a perfect answer to its current needs.

Mutalo Group — one of the top brands of energy drink

It’s not only one of the top selling energy drinks in many African countries – but also Kenya’s most popular beverage and one of the favourites on the list of drinks in Nigeria. The company aims to expand further and seeks for more distributors also in other parts of the world, such as Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Their product is quickly becoming a sensation in every new country to which it’s introduced.

KABISA – the unique product among the top selling energy drinks

It’s one of the energy drink brands that put the quality of their product in the first place – from the best natural composition, through the innovative and eye-catching design to the durable and strong packaging material. KABISA is often chosen by people on search of the most powerful energy drink that is still beneficial for your health. It’s full of vitamins (B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12) essential for the optimal functioning of the human body and has no harmful, artificial ingredients. KABISA definitely stands out among other brands of energy drinks also due to its unbeatable quality to price ratio. The company’s mission is to provide a source of real, natural energy – the beverage is vegan, has only natural sugar and is free from gluten, dairy, lactose and fat. It’s packed in resistant aluminium cans to ensure maximum protection. Its colorful and trendy design makes KABISA easily noticeable on the shelves.

Embracing the African heritage – becoming the ‘number one’ on the list of drinks in Nigeria

KABISA Energy Drink is said quickly become a huge sensation on the Nigerian market. Similarly, it’s one of the favourite beverages in Kenya and Ivory Coast. It’s constantly gaining popularity all over the continent, mainly because it’s the perfect answer to the market’s needs. Mutalo Group’s concept is based on three main values: ambition, family and outgoing lifestyle, which they view as the core of the African culture. Their tagline, “Enjoy life together”, puts the emphasis on the role of being sociable and active – it’s a reflection of their vision which can be seen in the whole strategy of the brand. They draw attention to the importance of being proud of your heritage and chasing your life goals. For instance – their advertisement, featuring a famous musician from Ivory Coast, shows the significance of staying motivated and ambitious and how valuable is the support of your friends and family.

KABISA is the most powerful energy drink – enjoy it together!

KABISA is one of Africa’s most popular drinks to share with a group of friends and at family events – for any type of celebration. It’s often served with a meal and during some relaxing time off but it’s also said to be one of the most effective energy boosters chosen while studying or working – making it easy to stay focused and efficient. Due to KABISA’s smooth tropical taste, it’s a perfect addition to a cocktail. Whether enjoyed on its own or mixed with some spirits – it’s one of the customers’ favourite party drink. The promotion of the product includes holding various events, such as concerts, tastings, and activations. It attracts many consumers thanks to the cheerful atmosphere and positive vibe.