What energy drink is on your desk? KABISA is the best option!

Hello everyone! Best wishes to you, Malta, on your Victory Day! We hope this day will be full of positive moments! Take your time and spend it with your best friends and family.

Our week was very productive, we had plenty of work. Even if your job is satisfying and you love it, sometimes everyone needs a bit more of energy. During these moments people usually reach for the recommended energy drinks or for the most popular energetics. But did you know that most of them might be dangerous for our health? If you take a look at the list of the top ten energy drinks at least half of them would include toxic substances such as aspartame or sodium benzoate. So if you go shopping – you should always take a look at the composition of energy drinks you intend to buy. Among all energy drink brands KABISA is a beverage we can highly recommend. In Ivory Coast energy drinks are very common but we have to admit that KABISA is one of the most appreciated beverages. Other energy drink companies don’t always pay attention to details or put customers in the first place. We do our best to do this and thanks to that we provide all of you with the best product. KABISA is packed with vitamins which are necessary for our body and it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners! We really care about the quality and as a result we became one of the leading energy drink brands in South Africa! We create a product for ambitious people who always try hard to achieve their goals – KABISA will boost your energy and provide you with positive attitude and a huge dose of motivation! Give it a try during studying or work!

It’s not a coincidence that KABISA means ‘awesome’. It actually perfectly reflects the nature of our beverage! We can assure you that when you try KABISA you will never forget these positive vibes and its tropical taste. Our friends from many countries have tried it already and they encouraged other people to give it a chance. It was worth it! That’s why we are now one of the most popular energy drinks in Ghana and also one of the best energy drinks in Kenya. So if you are looking for the coolest wholesale energy drinks points in Kenya – we have so much to offer!

Consumption of energy drinks in Africa was never very high but when it comes to KABISA – we are considered as the most popular energy drink there! Thank you all for appreciating our work! Moreover, in Tobago energy drinks weren’t that common either but when KABISA appeared on their market they loved it from the first sip! What’s more, in Uganda energy drink lovers are everywhere – and we are considered as the healthiest one!

We always love meeting fans of KABISA and we use every opportunity to do that – we had so much fun together at Sial Paris 2018! We want to spend as much time on talking and getting to know you as we can! You broaden our horizons and thanks to you we can develop our company more and more everyday! Cheers and see you soon!